Embracing Spiritual Wealth: The Path to Being Rich in Spirit

I don’t need money, I’m rich in spirit.

Sunny Jae🌻
7 min readAug 7, 2023
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Everyone claims to be or at least want to be a good person. But what does it take to fulfill that desire?

I think being rich in spirit naturally compels you to be a good person.

People who are rich in spirit don’t focus on the pursuit of financial wealth. Today’s era is so fast-paced that it is very common to fall into the rat race of society.

[Rat Race: A way of life in which people are caught up in a fiercely competitive struggle for wealth or power. An exhausting, usually competitive, routine.]

Who wants to be involved in that? Not me, even though, I unintentionally fall into the race sometimes. This is what influenced this article, I know I’m not the only one in this cycle. I am adjusting my focus to become more rich in spirit instead of having a poor spirit because it is so easy and unintentional.

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Identify Where You’re At

The first step is to understand where you’re at in your personal development journey. What does your life look like? How do you spend your every day? How often do you reflect on your life/situation? What would make you happy or help you live a more fruitful life?

Identifying where you’re at can help your vision become more clear. It’s important to have a clear vision of what you want your life to be like. Having a vision gives you the motivation to achieve your dreams, which naturally, helps you become wealthy. Not everyone’s goal is to be insanely wealthy, but I’m sure living comfortably is ideal for a lot of people. Surprisingly, most people never move up in socioeconomic class. Depending on where you’re at on the ladder is the deciding factor of how complicated it will be to move up in social class.

Understand where you’re at, decide how you want to live, and figure out how you’d need to navigate the next few months (or whatever time you choose), then come up with an execution plan.

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What it means to be Spiritually Rich

Being rich in spirit to me is more than just embodying mental awareness. Being rich in spirit means you’re a professional at making lemonade out of water. In this article, I’m going to talk about why being rich in spirit creates a more abundant lifestyle. I’m also going to talk about four main ways to practice creating a positive aura.

Of course, money is needed because the bills don’t stop, but right now, that’s not my main focus. I’m not going to act like I don’t want to be rich, but I’m OVER thirsting for millions like the rest of the world. There is a deeper dimension of wealth that deems material possessions and monetary success as an end all be all. Modern generations equate material things to being wealthy. It’s the sad truth. We all know it has to do with social networking, but no one seems triggered enough to change the narrative.

I am influenced to show the world when you focus on being a better person and focus on building yourself, you’ll slowly begin to make more money as time goes on.

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Being rich in spirit means you’re all about cultivating your inner wealth and abundance. To become rich in spirit, there are things that you must constantly practice to create a solid foundation:

The Foundation of Spiritual Richness: Gratitude

Gratitude serves as the base of being rich in soul. When we learn to appreciate every blessing in our lives and shift our focus from what we lack to what we have, there is no telling all the positive things coming our way. Practicing gratitude creates a positive outlook on life and fosters contentment.

Be grateful for everything you have because it could always be different. Appreciate where you are because it won’t always be like that, whether things change for the better or the worst. Appreciation and gratitude go a long way, so take advantage and see where a little gratefulness takes you in life.

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The Power of Mindfulness and Presence

Taking a moment to be present throughout your day is a key aspect of being rich in spirit. By fully indulging in each moment without judgment or distraction, we become more aware of how we think, feel, and our surroundings. Mindfulness is a tip that allows us to be appreciative of the value in our lives. Being mindful also helps us to savor the richness of life’s simple pleasures and to navigate challenging moments with grace and composure.

Self-Reflection: The Journey Within

To become rich in spirit, one must embark on the journey of self-reflection and introspection. Reflecting on what you’ve been through and your life experiences can improve your personal decisions in the way you live your life. You’re able to go back and look at how things could’ve been handled differently. Taking time to explore our values, beliefs, and purpose helps us align our actions with our innermost desires.

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Simplicity: The Elegance of Less

Simplicity is an art that allows us to let go of the unnecessary baggage that we hold onto every day. I began practicing minimalism in 2019 and it helped me realize how many things I didn’t need, but I thought I did. Humans grow attached to items because we think they hold value, but they don’t. Everything material is replaceable. I learned this when I had to pack up my place to move cross country, I ended up taking only 4 suitcases filled with clothes and things I felt were important to me. Looking back, even those things weren’t THAT important to me.

That’s why simplicity plays a major part in internal healing. Embracing simplicity helps us rediscover the beauty of life essentials and frees us from the burden of material possessions.

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Embracing Spiritual Practices

Lastly, I’d like to talk about embracing spiritual practices. Practicing things like meditation, yoga, prayer, and other various ways of spirituality can serve as transformative tools on the journey to being rich in spirit. These practices can be ways to connect your mind, body, and soul. Additionally, embracing spiritual practices may also offer a pathway to deepen your connection with yourself. These will help you understand the morals, values, and ways of living you desire. Who doesn’t want inner peace?

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I think being rich in spirit is overlooked. Everyone seems thirsty to become rich without looking internally. Although, being wealthy in finances doesn’t mean they are good people or ‘rich in spirit’, they had the skills and resources to get there. I, personally, still advocate for becoming a spiritually rich person no matter how much money you have or desire.

Becoming wealthy internally can do wonders for yourself and the people around you. When you practice habits that will make you a better asset to society will help you create a better environment around you. Not only that but having inner peace will help you accumulate financial success and personal understanding to see where you’re going.

Use the practices in this article and let me know how this formula works for you. Find inner peace and learn to be rich in spirit to grow in love and prosperity.

Being rich in spirit is a profound journey that requires nurturing our inner selves and cultivating a sense of gratitude, mindfulness, compassion, and kindness. By embracing self-reflection, lifelong learning, and meaningful connections, we unlock the door to spiritual wealth. As we practice mindful generosity and embrace simplicity, we discover the essence of being truly content and fulfilled. Embarking on this journey of spiritual enrichment leads us to a place of profound inner abundance, where we recognize that true wealth is not measured by material possessions but by the richness of our spirit.





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